Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Results of my poll: The Coming Storm

Before I post a new poll, I am going to discuss the results of the old poll. Here's a link to the blog entry that discussed The Coming Storm: What's most likely to hit us next?

And below are the results:

A World War (1 vote - 6%)
An epidemic like the 1918 flu (1 vote - 6%)
A financial disaster like the 1920's depression (12 votes - 80%)
A monstrous computer virus (1 vote - 6%)
Global warming comes home to roost (0 votes - 0%)

It's no surprise that "financial disaster" got the most clicks. A financial disaster is the most immediate to us individually. Sure, we or our computers could get a virus, but money problems are even more immediate. A world war is something that is too distant at this point, and I'm surprised that it got any clicks (and I hope it stays distant!). The surprise for me is that global warming didn't get any clicks. It could be that my poll ran at a time when the weather is not normally very warm. Had I run this poll in July or August, most likely global warming would have gotten more clicks.

I'm still working on what I want in my new poll, but I will try to have it up by this time next week.

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