Saturday, June 07, 2008

Well, I hope you're happy. Hillary's out of it now

It's a sad day for Hillary Clinton supporters, for she has officially suspended her campaign.

It's a sad day for me as well, for I had gotten a lot of blog mileage out of the contest between her and Barack Obama. SIGH. Sure, there's still John McCain, but he's hardly Hillary in terms of presence and determination. And he's already said that he's going to run a "clean campaign" - where's the fun in that?? "Today, McCain said nice things about Obama..." Bleecck!

Thing is, a couple of days ago when Hillary announced that she was going to suspend her campaign on Saturday (today), the non-liberal, non-biased media were almost gushing with excitement over it. The headlines were not so much saying, "Clinton to suspend campaign on Saturday", but rather "Clinton to suspend campaign on Saturday!" There was a giddiness to their headlines that I could see. It's like they were excited that she was finally going to step aside so that they wouldn't have to keep reporting negative stuff about her and Obama.

Hill had to be under enormous pressure to quit - so much so that even the combined titanic egos of her and her husband could no longer resist. Just as equally, Obama is under pressure to take Hill as his running mate. He must be thinking about that saying of what the spider said to the fly - and he ain't the spider. Even so, as I said in a previous blog entry, he shouldn't pick Hill. Someone better would be Bill Richardson, as the "black/Hispanic" angle is such that the non-biased non-liberal media would eat it up.

All of which makes the choice for a running mate for McCain all the more important. He's not going to score points against a black/Hispanic ticket if he picks another white guy. He needs either a woman (my suggestions: Dr. Condoleeza Rice or Kay Bailey Hutchison) or a black or Hispanic GOP politician. IF he picks another white guy, he could go with Joe Leiberman, who, although he was a Democrat, could help bolster McCain's image of "reaching across the aisle" by teaming up with a man who is as much a maverick for his party as McCain was to the GOP. A team of two mavericks still might not be enough to defeat Obama/Richardson, but it stands a better chance than picking just another white guy.

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