Monday, June 30, 2008

Okay, we're back

Sorry that I haven't posted as much lately, folks, but I have a good excuse. You'll see on Thursday what I've been up to, because I'll post it here. To get caught up, let me catch up on a few recent news stories.

First, the news of Ralph Nader trying to get under Barack Obama's skin. Nader is entitled to make his remarks against Obama, especially in regards for what he feels are shortcomings in Obama's words and actions. Fair game. But this business about Obama "talking white"? Not gonna help, Nader ol' chum, because Obama IS white as well as black. While Obama's race is fair game, such clumsy phrasing as "talking white" won't help things. Nope.

Next, keep an eye on this story, folks. Iraq sues companies over oil-for-food kickbacks. If someone starts digging deep enough, I guarantee you that it's going to become an election year issue. I don't know for who yet, but it's going to rear its ugly head in some way or another.

Next is $4 a gallon gas. There's a scam going on somewhere, folks, and we're the patsys. We need to hold the collective feet of our politicians to the fire so that they get something done. We need to hold the collective feet of our politicians to the fire on a lot of things, actually, but if we can get this one thing done, maybe it will lead to other things. And - uhm... we need to - allow for more offshore drilling. C'mon, it's stupid to keep buying oil overseas and being at OPEC's tender mercies when we're sitting on our own oil reserve. I'd rather our money be spent here as well as give us better control over the price of oil.

If the price of gas keeps escalating (and right now, there's little reason to believe otherwise) and the Dems keep resisting offshore drilling, then this issue is going to bite them in the butt come November. While environmentalists may be giddy that we are trading in our SUVs (never owned one, by the way) and driving less, many market sectors are suffering meanwhile. Not just the airline industry, but also tourism, and hotels will eventually suffer if this keeps going on. And of course, Mr. and Mrs. America will suffer as more and more of their budget goes to buying gas. Maybe later, things will correct themselves, but not anytime soon, and certainly not before the November election.

I'm also going to work on a topic for July. Man, June went fast!

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