Friday, September 12, 2008

Could Biden be dropped from the ticket?

This article (a source, actually, that is hardly unbiased) suggests the possibility that Joe Biden could be dropped as Barack Obama's running mate and perhaps replaced by Hillary Clinton. That would be a mistake for two reasons:

One, it would suggest that Obama made a mistake in selecting Biden. During a campaign, you don't make such drastic changes midstream unless your running mate died (or so seriously injured to the point that he or she can't continue their campaign), or was found guilty of something serious like pedophilia.

Two, such a change would suggest that Sarah Palin is scaring them enough to make that change. During a campaign, you never, EVER admit that your opposition has frightened you into doing anything! It just isn't done!

As it is, Joe Biden wasn't on my short list of possible running mates for Obama (neither was Hillary, by the way), but Obama's already made his choice. He needs to stick by it, and stick by Biden. Obama needs to remember that old saying: "Never let 'em see you sweat!" Changing horses now would be a virtual admission that Palin is making him sweat, and that would be a mistake - especially if Palin ends up demonstrating how unprepared she actually is for the job.

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