Saturday, September 06, 2008

Political conventions' usefulness

One of my coworkers asked me how useful political conventions such as we had the past couple of weeks are for knowing a candidate. I said that it was of very little use. Conventions are basically glorified pep rallies, and if the nominees (both for prez and veep) can't make a great speech, then they don't deserve being the nominees. Plus, who are the nominees speaking to? Members of their own party - so basically they're preaching to the choir. That's the script: The nominees make a great speech, the crowd builds up a rousing, celebratory noise, then the balloons fall. Then the nominees get a post-convention "bounce" in the polls, largely based on how well they "sold" their party unity and so forth. Nope, all that tells us is how well they've stuck to a well-worn script.

Ya ask me, I much prefer the debates. Bring 'em on!

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