Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin's speech

Now that Palin has spoken, I have a little something to go on. What I discovered is that Palin can give a speech. She's no Barack Obama, but she did very well. However, like I said yesterday, she's a politician, and it's the nature of politicians to say what they think voters want to hear. While she's selling herself as this good ol' hockey mom who just wants a better America, the cynic in me says that her speech really told us nothing about her - and some of her zingers were actually recycled from her introduction speech last week. At least get some new zingers! It's back to wait and see...

Tonight is John McCain's speech, but Obama is also scheduled to speak on Fox, so I might check that out instead and just download J-Mac's speech to view later on my MP3. Obama needs a very good showing on "enemy turf" in order to give his candidacy a real boost. After all, it's one thing to preach to the choir as J-Mac will be doing tonight (and Palin did last night), but another thing entirely to be able to make a good showing in front of people who want you to fail. This could become a real turning point in his campaign.

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