Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dallas to ban saggy pants

No doubt, you've seen them. Those young kids - skinny as a rail, walking around with pants several sizes too large, and their pants hanging down so low that their underwear shows.

Well, Dallas is going to try to do something about that.

But can it be done? How will this law be enforced? That remains to be seen.

For my part, I'm tired of seeing these sloppy kids walking around. Bad enough that many of them smoke and drink and have tattoos over most of their bodies, but to add those sloppy appearances on top of that goes a long way in explaining why the U.S. is not one of the top nations in education.

Granted, the youth have always dressed in such a way as to offend their elders, which basically makes this a rite of passage of sorts. But still - these baggy pants are too much! Yeah, yeah, yeah...they're "expressing their creativity" and so forth, but there's better ways of doing that without showing your skivvies to the world.

I suppose it could be worse - but flashing "plumber's cleavage" is not the fashion trend that I expected to catch on with the youth. Still, I wonder how the city of Dallas is going to enforce such a law. We'll have to wait and see. Or rather, we'll have to wait and hope NOT to see. ;-)

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Sicilian said...

I am further south, but listen to Dallas radio. . . I have been amused by the talk show rhetoric.
Let's see if there is some bite to the bark.