Friday, July 20, 2007

Hillary's new election tactic?

Okay, let's hope that Hillary Clinton is not resorting to desperate tactics to win the election...

Amazingly, this was enough to make news: Hillary showed cleavage. Don't go crazy now; it's not like she showed so much cleavage that she should be in a Victoria's Secret catalog. But that she - Hillary! - showed any at all, well - the only valid comparison is to say that, for Hillary to show cleavage, it's like Hillary Clinton showing cleavage! Anyway, because it was HER, this made news. Here's a screenshot:

Surprisingly, this is not the first time that she's been depicted showing cleavage. An artist named Daniel Edwards made a bust (it is necessary for me to say here: "no pun intended", although NPR couldn't avoid making a pun) of her last year. Wanted to capture her "feminine strength" or words to that effect. Here's an image of that sculpture:

You know, it's easy to make jokes like "I wonder if this is the first time Bill has seen her cleavage?" and such, but see, that's what comes with someone like her doing something like this. This means that she's got to watch how she presents herself more than the other candidates do. Is it fair that she has to put that extra work into her appearance that the other candidates don't? I think it kind of balances out, because she tries to use the fact that she's the only woman running for president to her advantage as well.

If this news story is brought up to her, she might make some passing joke about it, but she shouldn't dwell on it, either. As the first female candidate, what she does during her campaign will influence what other female candidates will do later. Let's hope, though, that her little stunt doesn't encourage the other candidates to do the same. Nope, no need to see Obama or Edward's cleavage. Nope, none whatsoever....

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