Monday, July 16, 2007

Keith Olbermann's comments on Bush

Recently, Keith Olbermann had some rather passionate commentary about Bush.

Here's two links to the video of it:
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This was circulated at work, and at first, I thought that Olbermann was finally going after all politicians over their kowtowing to corporations and special interest groups that has become a way of life for politicians in recent decades. I thought this because of the way the sender had sounded so excited about his commentary. Well, I was wrong.

Having now seen the video in question, I can add my commentary on this: I think Keith Olbermann is entitled to his opinion. My main beef with his commentary is that he didn't say anything original that I haven't already heard from the left wing. Olbermann hit all the usual left-wing complaints, right down to "stealing the election". All that was missing from his commentary was the conspiracy theories about Bush intentionally blowing up the World Trade Center. If I wanted to listen to this sort of emotional venting about Bush, I would have listened to commentary by Rosie O'Donnell.

Before anyone starts labeling me a "Dubya lover" let me say that, yes, Bush has made his mistakes and questionable judgments. For instance, I was against going into Iraq. I don't deny that the man's made his share of "misunderestimations" (Bushism), nor do I deny his critics the right to lambaste him over his mistakes and questionable judgments. As a public servant, his feet *should* be held to the fire. However, I feel that Bill Clinton also made his mistakes and questionable judgments, because he also put party and self ahead of country.

Actually, it is because of both Bill Clinton AND George Bush that I have lost faith in political parties. I feel that today's politicians are whores for big business and special interest groups who vent so much hot air that they should install windmills around D.C. to harness all that wind. Then at least all that hot air can be put to some productive use.

I feel that politicians of both political parties and all political ideologies have long forgotten the little man. We have no money and we have no power, so we're nothing to them. The only ones who matter to them are those groups with either money or power, and usually both.

The main pitch from Olbermann is that Bush should resign from office as Nixon did over Watergate. But if anyone should resign, it's a great deal of the politicians who have served for far too long, so that fresh blood can invigorate D.C. The main thing that I do agreed with Olbermann on is that I believe that the institution will survive even the ineptitude, cronyism, and wholesale whoring to corporations and special interest groups that currently infects D.C. What the Founding Fathers created is a marvel, but it's a marvel that works best when we all do our part.

This makes it all the more important that we not only vote, but vote responsibly. I want this nation's citizens to remind those in office just who it is that runs this country. *That's* the sort of stuff that Olbermann should have been talking about instead.

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