Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dallas Mavericks' win streak ends at 17

Well, we knew that it had to end eventually. I mean, yeah, I hoped that the Mavs could just keep on winning, but as of last night the win streak is over.

I WILL say this, however. If this streak had to end, I'm glad it was against the Golden State Warriors and former Mavs coach Don Nelson. If it had been the previous night with the LA Lakers - and especially if Kobe Bryant had a good night - then the media would be gushy with praise. When Kobe scored 60 points against the Mavs a year or so ago, the media went all ga-ga over it, and it was a topic for days.

It's really embarrassing to watch grown men get all giddy like little schoolgirls over an athlete, but when it comes to certain athletes, that's how they act. One example that comes to mind is the former San Franciso 49ers QB, Steve Young. Man, week in and week out, it was a lovefest with the sports shows over that guy. I wouldn't doubt if they had a framed picture of Young in their bedrooms, it was so bad. In the meantime, Troy Aikman and the Dallas Cowboys were winning Super Bowls. Young was a great athlete, but I was glad when he retired.

And I thank the basketball gods that it wasn't the Lakers who ended the Mavs' streak. Otherwise, we would have heard about it for the rest of the week!

Now the Mavs have the pressure of keeping the streak going off of their shoulders, and they can concentrate on playing basketball again. This could end up being a good thing.

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