Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up 3-11-2007

These Weekend Wrap-ups seem to be coming on a bi-weekly basis now, huh? Oh well.

Spring forward
Did you remember to spring forward last night? If not, you'll have to wait an hour before you can read this entry. But I bet that if you go right now and set your clock, an hour will go by just like that. Try it. If you don't remember last night, then I might be able to excuse you this one time. Just don't do it again.

A solution to the Bush/Chavez situation
It's no secret that Venzuelan leader Hugo Chavez does not like George Bush. No doubt the feeling is mutual. However, I bet you are like me in that you're tired of hearing about how they don't like each other. I bet you are like me in that you wish they would just settle this already. Either find a way to get along, or have at it and then shut up. Well, I have a solution, and it's based on this news report about Donald Trump. On April 1's WWE Wrestlemania, "The Donald" and WWE owner Vince McMahon are having a "hair match" in which the loser loses his hair. (Honestly, I hope Trump loses, because he's had that ridiculous haircut for years).

I think that Bush and Chavez should also have a hair match at that same wrestling event. Can't you see those two going at it, not just as Bush and Chavez, but also as symbols of conservatism and liberalism? "The right wing nut job vs. the left wing looney". But they have to take it serious. No sissy slapfests, I want to see body slams, pile drivers and the works. THEN they both have to shut up about their feud, or they'll have to wrestle again. And again. And again, until they shut up about thier mutual dislike. And each time, the stakes will be raised. Maybe for the second match, it will be the wives' hair that will be put to the razor. I betcha that the ladies will get their husbands to shut up! Write your congressman today!

Celebrity imprimatur
The concept of imprimatur comes usually from Catholicism, but in recent years in news reports, issues aren't settled until a celebrity has spoken up on it. After that, it's beyond discussion - although the more stubborn among us persist for some reason. I got to thinking about this when someone had asked me about the Dixie Chicks winning all the Grammys that they had been nominated for. Basically, they wanted to know whether I felt that the Grammy sweep meant that the Chicks were vindicated after their negative experiences from criticizing Bush some years ago. My response was to ask how it qualified as vindication. The Grammy judges voting for the Chicks was like the National Rifle Association voting for an award for Charlton Heston. In other words, how in the world is this unexpected?

It's hardly a secret that the left wing hates Bush, and a great deal of left-wingers work in the entertainment industry. So how is it a surprise that a group that made news criticizing Bush end up sweeping awards from another group also known to harbor hatred for Bush? Honestly, it was a surprising as Al Gore getting an Oscar for his film, An Inconvenient Truth. Ah, and there's another one. Somehow, Gore winning an Oscar means that his statements about global warming are true. Again, it's a group of similarly-minded people drooling over one of their own.

And of course is James Cameron (whom I discussed in a previous blog entry), who somehow is qualified as an authority on the bones of Jesus (AND his wife. AND their son) because he is the director of Titanic. Whenever any celebrity is given any credibility over their statements by virtue of their status as celebrities, it makes the media industry look stupid. I mean, c'mon! James Cameron, for cryin' out loud! Of course, it also helps if that celebrity just happens to be of a left-wing slant - and then by golly, their word is golden, and they can walk on water!

It's no wonder that the mainstream media is losing readers and viewers to the Internet.

Gum spelled backwards
I just noticed that gum spelled backwards is mug. That's not quite a palindrome, which is a word that is the same spelled backwards or forwards, like radar. See? Flip radar over and it's still radar. Gum and mug spell words backwards or forwards - just different words. I guess that makes it a pseudodrome.

Yeah, I just made that up.

And no, I don't know what that has to do with anything.

Spring Break
Yes, it's that time. I hope you're having fun. (why do I suddenly feel the urge to follow that with "Baaand on the run"?)

Have a great week, folks!

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