Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up: YouTube Weekend

Yep, it's time for the second installment of the Weekend Wrap-up YouTube Weekend! Basically, they're links to YouTube that were sent to me by e-mail, and for which I saved until I had enough links to make another YouTube Weekend. Enjoy!

This first one is of a squirrel that had a little too much to drink. The only thing he didn't do was puke his guts out.

This second one comes from Japan, and it's of the world's longest slam dunk. Ah, if only he could do that without the trampoline - then the NBA would be all over him like creepy on Michael Jackson.

This one brought back memories. It's of MacIntosh's introduction back in 1984. I hadn't seen that commerical in years. It's funny that, back then, we were worried that we would end up like the USSR. Little did we know that the USSR was in its death throes, and needed only a little nudge to make it collapse.

Here are two videoclips of a dude with a talent for bouncing coing into a glass. First one is Get a Girlfriend, the second one is Got a Girlfriend. While his ability to bounce coins into a glass obviously took some practice and is impressive, I still think his next video clip should be Get a Life.

No doubt you've seen those touch-free towel dispensers in the public bathrooms. There's also touch-free faucets as well as touch-free flushing. I thought that the last thing left was touch-free soap dispensing (which someone claims to have seen), but I was wrong. No doubt coming soon to a bathroom near you is touch-free toilet paper dispensing.

And last, some stop-motion animation of the familiar Star Trek characters. This one's called Spock's Crib. Spock talkin' like a homey had me rolling.

And that's it for now! At least until I get enough other links to YouTube.

Have a great week, folks!

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