Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sean Hannity loses it

I've listened to Sean Hannity before in regards to his views on birth control and the Catholic Church, but after seeing this particular segment in which he discusses it with a priest, I've lost all respect for the man.

Hannity is so wrong in so many ways, and he doesn't even see it. First, what he believes about what the Catholic Church teaches is not what the Catholic Church teaches. He uses arguments that he SHOULD know the answer to, and for him to even bring it up suggests that he's either amazingly ignorant for a man who claims to be informed and knowledgeable, or that he is simply covering up for what he knows is wrong. Either way, it's not a respectable thing for him to do.

I think that Hannity shouldn't even bring up his Catholicism anymore, because based on what I've heard so far, he isn't Catholic anyway. There's plenty of Protestant churches that are more in line with his current views. The priest called Sean a hypocrite, and I agree.

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