Thursday, March 27, 2008

First blogging class

I had my first class last night, and was I nervous! I apparently did a good job of hiding it, because I got a few compliments on my patience. I think, though, that answering their questions helped keep me busy, which kept me from thinking about how nervous I was.

What I learned last night, though, is that there is so much to learn! I tried to keep from stating too much to keep from being overwhelming, but this blog site has so much flexibility that I had to think on the fly on what needed to come first. Making your basic post came first, but within the post, there's stuff you can do, and I hadn't even touched on that part yet. At least I told them enough to get them started.

As I was writing my notes this week, it occurred to me that bloggers today have something that even the most famous of writers of the past did not have: A potential audience the size of all of cyberspace. I used a theatrical metaphor: The blog is your stage, and your audience is everyone who has Internet access. Thus, your potential audience can literally run into the millions. As I wrote that note, I thought to myself that for a writer, realizing that concept can be both exciting and frightening.

Well, that's one class down, and three to go! I'll discuss more of what I talked about in my first class on Saturday or Sunday.

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