Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Today is primary/caucus day in Texas! Go vote!

Today is Super Tuesday Jr.! After today, we should pretty much have the GOP candidate locked up. As for the Dems, I'm pulling for a Hillary sweep so that the Dems can continue to fight it out, perhaps all the way to their convention this summer. There's certain issues that the Dems need to hammer out and settle, and if this thing ends too soon, then they'll never get to that point. The main issue to settle is: How prominent a place should they have for political correctness (PC from here on)?

First, don't get me wrong: PC has its uses and its place, and one of those places is indeed in politics. One of the natures of politics is to get even disparate groups talking to each other. However, when used by the Dems, it has been a hammer to use against those who they disagree with. For instance, the Dems say that we must support legalized abortion because it is a woman's right to choose, and anyone who disagrees with it is opposed to women having rights.

There are, of course, other examples that are just as bad, but there's no need to elaborate on each and every example. Suffice it to say that it is Dems who use PC like a club. The GOP does this as well, but to a lesser extent and over fewer issues. The reason that it is a largely Democrat activity is because the Dems are the party with "institutionalized victims' groups" or "permanent victims' groups". Those terms deserve more elaboration, but I'll do that later, and not at this time. I think you can figure that out yourself enough for now; as I've digressed far enough from my topic, and it's time to get back to it.

Getting back to my topic, I hope that Hillary sweeps the states today, or at least picks up Texas, because then it would mean that the Dems would have to slug it out a little longer. Then the Dems would have to continue to slug it out over which PC value they value more. Hopefully in the process, they will realize that by holding on to PC so dearly, they have been handicapping themselves all along. It's like trying to run a 100 yard dash with a cast on one foot when your foot is perfectly healthy. Hopefully they'll also learn that running with a cast on your foot when your foot is perfectly healthy will not only slow you down, it might even damage your foot or ankle. That's what the Dems have been in recent decades: Hobbling with a deliberately self-inflicted ankle injury.

So far nothing has been able to shake the Dems from the hold that PC has on them, and it's my view that it will take a catastrophic shake-down before they are able to see it. I'm hoping that this election proves to be that very shake-down. But if Hillary is swept today, then the opportunity for a catastrophic shake-down slips away, and the Dems will go on hobbling with a cast on their foot when their foot is perfectly healthy. Stay tuned, folks....

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