Saturday, March 01, 2008

Revealed! Liberal bias in the media!

A recent Washington Post story discussed a Saturday Night Live skit starring "Fauxbama", who is an actor spoofing Barack Obama. Below is the video that is referred to in the article:

Yesterday, these two skits took place on SNL, one of which included Hillary herself:

This was the first time I've watched anything related to SNL in years. For me, it hasn't been the same since the old days when it had John Belushi et al. However, I watched these skits, because it states something that has been repeatedly denied: There is a bias in the media.

I've said before on this very blog that there is a left-wing bias in the media, and often which is almost as bad as shown on the SNL skits presented here. However, it didn't become obvious to the left-wingers until recent months, when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were getting neck-and-neck, and the left-wingers had to decide whether they were going to support the race card or the gender card. Race and gender, of course, are the two historical "victim" groups that have been the bread-and-butter of the Democratic party.

However, in this election season, the Dems had the painful choice of deciding between representatives of each of those victims' groups. You couldn't have asked them to make a more painful decision as this, because they had to decide which of their victims' groups was more "entitled" to have their first representative on the ballot. You might as well have asked a parent to decide between twin children.

Thus, with such a backdrop, it was bound to happen that one group of supporters was going to complain about the coverage of their candidate, and right now, it is the supporters of Hillary Clinton. For my part, I think that this can eventually become a good thing, because it will mean that at least half of the usually blind left-wingers will have their eyes opened on just how ubiquitous the bias is in media coverage.

For a pundit such as myself, I am having a field day enjoying all this, because it's all unprecedented. I'm enjoying it so much that come Tuesday, when the primaries come to Texas, I just may vote for Hillary just so that this can go on - hopefully all the way to the Democratic convention. If it gets to that point, then, my friends, you will see fireworks in the convention room the likes of which haven't been seen for decades. Let's hope it comes to that, because I promise you that it will be something to watch.

I've mentioned before that, whichever candidate wins, he or she should ask the other to be his or her running mate. That would be the ideal, but I doubt it would happen, because it would mean that one of the candidates is going to be "subservient" to the other - and I can't see either Clinton or Obama willingly step aside for the other.

If indeed the losing candidate is not offered or refuses to become the running mate of the winning candidate, then I think that John McCain (the presumed GOP candidate) should ask the losing candidate to join his ticket instead. It will probably get cold in hell before such a scenario plays out, but oh, what fun it would be if it does!

Stay tuned, folks! Come Wednesday morning, we'll see how things go from here on!

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