Monday, March 31, 2008

Sports stuff

I haven't talked sports in a while. Mainly that's because the local teams haven't done much to talk about!

Let's start with my local university team, the TCU Horned Frogs. The football team is a great team coached by a great coach in Gary Patterson. However, The Mighty BCS is geared to "the big boys" - that is, big schools with big bucks - so that smaller schools don't have a chance. Each season to have ANY chance that the BCS Boys will even look their way, TCU has to go undefeated. Once the Frogs get that one loss, then they're out of it.

Some teams can have TWO losses and still have a shot at the national title. This past football season demonstrated most clearly how screwed up the BCS system is. And yet, despite the "changes" that they're going to implement next season, the TCUs of the world are still not going to have a chance to win it all. We need a playoff system in which anyone with enough heart and soul can take it as far as they can go. THAT'S the classic American underdog story that we all know and love so much. The BCS has to go.

We saw an example of how much better a playoff system is with this year's New York Giants team. Little ol' NYGs took on the big boys (including my team, the Dallas Cowboys), and even beat the previously undefeated New England Patriots. See folks, THAT'S an underdog story! THAT is what the college playoff system should be! I would hope that the BCS Boys would be listening, but they're too busy listening to their cash registers to pay attention.

Coming later in the week, more sports reporting, including the baseball season, which just started today.

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