Thursday, July 03, 2008

And now my news: My column got published!

Now time for my news!

A couple of weeks ago, the Fort Worth Weekly published a column by E.R. Bills titled "KPAX Romana". Well, of course I had to respond to it!

So without further ado, here's my response column! The Catholic Church is causing global warming. Riiight.

In the tagline of my column is the address to this very blog. If you are reading this blog because you came across it on the tagline, let me say,

Hello! Welcome to my blog!

Some of you no doubt think I'm a conservative based on that ONE column. That happens to me a lot. However, I'm not right-winged. Nor am I left-winged. I'm also not moderate, because moderates avoid taking sides, and I do definitely take sides. So what am I? As I tell people who ask, I use "both wings" - that is, I'm both liberal and conservative. After all, birds can't fly just flapping one wing, and I feel the same way about ideas - they need both wings to fly.

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