Monday, July 21, 2008

My views on issues: Environment

For this month, I'm going to give a brief rundown of my views on issues for those of you who might be new to my blog. Today will be on global warming and the environment.

What bugs me most about global warming prophets is people like Al Gore. Gore is the granddaddy of the environmental movement; and yet, he lives in an extremely energy wasting house. Can you say "hypocrite"? If he can't be bothered to fix his own house, why should we bother? Very few seem to be willing to bring that up to his face. Fortunately, Gore is not the example that I follow when it comes to adopting practices that are eco-friendly.

Let's go ahead and start with that. I favor protecting the environment. I want green grass, clean water, and blue skies. I want our factories to find ways to get rid of their waste other than by dumping it in our air, rivers and streams. I want cars that are more fuel efficient. What I don't favor is most of the methods that environmentalists often use to promote their cause. Prime example: Carbon credits.

"Carbon credits" have to be the biggest of all scams. What you're basically buying is air. That's it. You're buying AIR. In a nutshell, one person who has clean air sells it to someone with dirty air. Or the person with dirty air agrees to pay for having trees planted somewhere. This erases the offender's "carbon footprint" without the offender actually doing anything. That's what bugs me the most: the offender still goes about doing his offending, but gets a nice, shiny eco-badge from somebody.

No, if we're going to be serious about cleaning the environment, then it has to be through more than "carbon credits". The thing is, we've been researching ways to help the environment for decades. Why haven't we come up with something by now? And why was it global cooling that was the villain barely 20 years ago? If the scientists weren't right about the global climate then, why should we believe that they are right about it now?

These enviro-scam artists are doing more to damage the environment than helping it. I wish true environmentalists would point that out more. If they really want to protect the environment, then they should be doing their part to expose these charlatans. The longer they let them carry out their shenanigans, the more suspicious I become of their motives.

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