Monday, July 28, 2008

Recommended reading

This blog --> False Hustle, is quickly becoming my favorite blog. Not only do I know the dude personally, but he is also a prolific writer, sometimes adding two or three entries a day. For the sake of disclosure, he used to be my opinion editor way back in the day when we both worked for our college newspaper. He's a man who loves the field of journalism, and it shows in his writing. I'm glad to see that that part of him hasn't changed since his time back in college when I first worked with him.

He's now linked in my sidebar. He's also linked my blog in his blog under the category, "Fellow Hustler." Ha! Love it! :-D

1 comment:

blackink said...

JP, of course you're a Fellow Hustler. In fact, you might be considered an Original Hustler.

But, regardless, thanks for the props. We're a mutual admiration society, I tell ya.

Keep up the great work.