Sunday, July 06, 2008

Who is Big "T" Carlito"?

Near my house is a restaurant that has a name that's been scraped into its sidewalk for years. It was written, of course, when the cement was still wet. Anyway, for years I've walked by that restaurant, and for all that time, I've wondered who that person was whose name is scraped into the sidewalk. I speak, of course, of Big "T" Carlito. Here's a pic I took of the name:

In case you have trouble seeing the letters, here is the same pic with the letters outlined:

So... Who IS Big "T" Carlito? And since he says "Big 'T'", does that mean he spells his name "CarliTo?" What would be the significance of capitalizing that one letter? Why not CarLito? Or CaRlito? I also have to wonder if he has a son - otherwise known as "Little 't' Carlito"?

This may be one of those mysteries in life that we will never know. Imagine years from now, or even decades, when that restaurant may be a memory for only the oldest people at that time. Maybe there is a faded newspaper article about that restaurant. And on that sidewalk, there will still be that name, Big "T" Carlito.

No doubt the younger folks will ask the older folks who still remember the restaurant about who that person was. Probably none of them will know. One or two might mention that it was brought up in a blog one time, but no one stepped forward to claim to be that man - the one Big "T" Carlito. Then those young people will wonder what a "blog" was. At least that, the older folks can explain.

But the mystery of Big "T" Carlito will live on. Was he a regular at the restaurant? Was he the owner? Was he a gangster? Was he some kid who happened to catch the cement when it was wet? Was is a drifter, or a homeless man? Or was it the man who poured the cement in the first place? We will probably never know, but his name will live on as one of the mysteries of the ages, along with Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and those darn crop circles.

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