Friday, October 27, 2006

Texas Governor's race down to the home stretch

Okay folks, we're down to a little more than a week before the elections. Time to get down with the commentary.

Based on the most recent poll that I remember seeing, Governor Rick "Goodhair" Perry was still in the lead, while Chris "Who?" Bell took second place. Meanwhile, the two independents, Carole "Grandma" Strayhorn and Kinky "Kinky" Friedman, have pretty much stayed right where they are.

I still don't know who I'll vote for. Basically, it's down to two though, because I won't be voting for Bell (because of his views) or Friedman (because I'm not certain of his ability to govern). So it's down to Goodhair or Grandma. There's still time, so I'll be checking their stands in the coming days.

By the way, since there's just over a week left before the election, and because Bell is highly unlikely to take my advice, I'll just go ahead and give it here. Bell mentions supporting stem cell research. I say fine and dandy - so long as it is the uncontroversial stem cells. In California, voters passed an initiative for $3 billion for embryonic stem cell research.

Problem is, embryonic stem cells have NEVER proven to work. Ever. Meanwhile, the other, non-controversial stem cells (adult and placental) have worked in ways that supporters of embryonic stem cell research WISH that embryonic stem cells would work.

So why continue to throw money away for something that hasn't proven to work? Somebody somewhere is making money off of this scam, that's for sure. And if California wants to be their pigeon, then so be it. Let them throw their money away.

Meanwhile, Bell can promote the other forms of stem cells that DO work, so that Texas can then become the leader in such stem cell research while California is bitching about the lack of results in their research. And for which they'll find some way to blame Texas.

Odd thing is, California passed this initiative at a time when they were allegedly in a budget crisis. And yet, they found this $3 billion. So someone tell me how throwing money away on a scam is going to help their budget crisis.

But California's budget crisis doesn't have to become ours, if Chris Bell does the right thing. He won't, of course, because he seems to be sold on the bill of goods (or is it "bads"?) of embryonic stem cell research. It's too bad, because he wants to pass Rick Perry, and this would be one way he could do just that. At least, though, someone tried to tell him otherwise.

Chris, get used to saying "Governor Perry" for the next four years!

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