Saturday, October 21, 2006

Weekend Wrap-up 10-21-2006

Today's weekend wrap-up is video week, in which I post links to various videos that have been sent to me in recent times.

First up is a short cartoon that has Popeye in a Japanese style cartoon (usually called "anime"). It cracked me up when I first saw it. Whoever did this animation got Popeye down pretty good. I hope that they do other Popeye crossovers. The sailor man works surprisingly well in this skit, and I betcha that he can work in other animation. For instance, I'd like to see Popeye on the old Super Friends cartoon. And speaking of Super Friends...

Next up is the latest version of DC Comic's Justice League. Waaay back in the 1970's, the Justice League was shown in a Hanna Barbera cartoon called "Super Friends". The recent Justice League animation is on Cartoon Network, and it's called "Justice League Unlimited". What you're about to see is about 6-7 minutes long, but you'll see something the JLU Wonder Woman do that the SF Wonder Woman would never do. You'll just have to see what I mean. And to think that this was shown on the Cartoon Network! (Of course, CN also brings you "Adult Swim"...)

Next up is a collection of cat clips of cats doing crazy stuff. It still makes me laugh even though I've seen it several times. Ha! And a quick search on You Tube has brought up a second clip of cat craziness. I don't know why it's so funny to watch cats do all this crazy stuff, but it is.

And before you cat lovers start yammering about how I hate cats and that I am partial to dogs (which is true, by the way), here's a crazy dog clip. It's just as funny as the two cat clips.

And last is a very cool clip of billiards and dominoes in action together. It must have taken forever for this guy to set all that up. Check it out and you'll see what I mean. If you aren't impressed after seeing all that, then you must vote Republican or something... ;-)

That's it for this weekend wrap-up. If you ask nice, maybe I'll do another video weekend at another time.

Have a great week, folks!

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