Friday, October 20, 2006

Voting strategy for those who don't normally vote

Joseph Sobran's column about a voting strategy for those who normally don't vote actually sounds like a very interesting idea.

Sobran suggests that those who don't normally vote - which is a great majority of us - should vote for the non-incumbent. And do that for every election. Ha! How interesting - and how fun - that would be! Many of these guys need to be voted out anyway, but those of us who do actually vote are the ones who keep those bums in office.

We should try that at least once every 5 years or so, so that the incumbents can't rest easy. Something's got to break the hold that special interest groups have on both (yes, both) parties so that the parties will be more responsive to their constituents again.

Apathy, unfortunately, is as strong an influence on the potential voters as special interest groups are on politicians. But change has to start someone, and it might as well be us - especially since we still have the power to bring about change. What say ye, folks? For once, exercise your right to vote, and if you have no particular favorite, then vote for the non-incumbent. Let's scare the hell out of the politicians by making them wonder just what the heck we are up to. >:-)

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JB said...

Perhaps we keep voting in the same bums because we hope for some kind of stability in our lives.

Me, I want to be able to say not only that I vote for someone, but how enthusiastic my vote is. So I can vote a 10 for somebody, saying that I absolutely love them, or I can vote a 1 for somebody, saying that I detest them, but I'm voting for them anyway. That might give us all a better sense of how happy the voting public is about the available candidates.