Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Judge Fancypants" loses 54 mil lawsuit

Okay, I didn't mean to make Paris Hilton my ONLY topic of discussion yesterday, but I was that busy! Sorry for subjecting you all to that!

What I had planned on discussing was the lawsuit of 54 million dollars over a pair of pants. Judge Roy Pearson had sued a local dry cleaners for 54 million dollars because they lost his pants (which means what - that he's been running around in boxers ever since?). Look at that number, folks. Numbered out that's...


I know that there's some very nice pairs of pants out there, but there ain't none of them that is worth no $54,000,000! WHAT in the WORLD was Judge Pearson trying to prove with this absurdity? Nothing good, that's for sure! That's why I'm calling him "Judge Fancypants."

I am glad that the court ruled not only against him, but that he also had to pay the court fees that the defendent had to spend to fight this stupid lawsuit. A motion to have Pearson also pay the defendents' legal fees is in works, and I hope it goes through, because such petty vindictiveness and abusiveness needs to be punished.

It makes me think of that old lawyer joke that states, "99% of all the lawyers make the rest look bad." Between Pearson and Nifong (see blog entry from a couple of days ago), the legal profession is looking rather bad lately.

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