Saturday, June 02, 2007

PSA: Help prevent theft at gas stations

This YouTube video talks about a way that thieves will steal your valuables, including your purse or wallet, that takes only a few seconds for them. Watch the enclosed video of an actual theft taking place. This message is especially for those of you using SUVs because they tend to be taller than most cars, and especially the ladies who tend to leave their purses on the passenger side of the front seat.

Also, this is from quite a few e-mails, but it's worth repeating here regarding identity theft. If anyone calls you or e-mails you saying that they're from the government or certain corporation stating that they need your social security number for whatever reason, DON'T give it to them!

One recent scam reported about a phone call from an angry person stating that you missed your jury summons, and unless you cooperate, you're going to jail. When you're sufficiently terrorized into compliance, the angry voice then asks for your social security number so that they can change the date of the summons, and the warrant for your arrest will be removed. The key here is being asked for your social. These guys are sneaky! Such simple steps can go a long way in preventing a lot of problems for you.


This has been a message from the Araujo Arts Commission on the Prevention of Identity Theft. Right now it's a commission of one, and we call it the Araujo Arts Commission on the Prevention of Identity Theft rather than its acronym, AACPIT, because AACPIT sounds like you're spitting up something, and we don't want you to gross anyone out when you're trying to deliver a PSA (public service announcement, in case you didn't already know). Anyway, the Araujo Arts Commission on the Prevention of Identity Theft will post these warnings periodically as a service to the community, and because it makes us feel good, and we like feeling good.


By the way, for my blog, June is going to be "Post Something Every Day Month". So far, 2 for 2!

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