Monday, June 18, 2007


Hey! It's been more than half a month, and I ain't talked sports yet! Maybe that's because there's very little good news in our neck of the Texas woods.

The Mavs bowed out early this time around, and the San Antonio Spurs instead ended up taking the championship. And most importantly, Michael Finley finally got his championship ring. He deserves getting at least one. Even though the Spurs are the whiniest team in the NBA, I still prefer that a Texas team won the title than for some East coast team to take it. ANY team but an east coast team - or the Lakers. And a Texas team winning the title will only get into the craw of those East Coast boys, so I gotta love it. >:-D

And then there's the Texas Rangers. Yes, take the Rangers. Please. (badaBOOM!) Thing is, the Rangers are supposed to be this bad AFTER the All Star game! To suck so badly so early into the season is going against the script! SIGH. We have a new manager, and the players had allegedly loved him. Well, the love is gone. Maybe it wasn't important whether they loved the manager. I'd take a manager they hate if it meant winning games! I'm ready for Mark Cuban to buy this team, but why would he?


Well, at least football's coming up...

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