Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Children born on 6/6/06

In this newspaper article, some parents expressed a little concern over the possibility that their child may be born on June 6, 2006 -- in other words, 6/6/06. That, of course, resembles the biblical "mark of the beast" of 666. Their concerns, though, seem to be not that they may be giving birth to a child of the devil, but rather that their child will likely be teased with such a birthdate. Some are concerned enough that they want to induce labor early if it looks likely that their child will be born on that day. To me, it's just a number. Granted, I don't have a wife with child about to be born on that date, but I think that I would still feel the same way even under such circumstances. I would have to wonder about the potential health issues of trying to induce labor just because the parents don't want their child to be born on a certain date. The health of the mother and child should come first, I would think.

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