Friday, May 19, 2006

Jason Terry's suspension is totally bogus

Okay, I gotta say this: The suspension of Jason Terry for Game 6 is totally bogus. Finley had landed on Terry, and in the heat of the moment, Terry was fighting him off. No, he shouldn't have thrown that punch, but this was an intense moment of an intense game of an intense series. The foul wasn't even called at that moment during the game --and suddenly just before a crucial deciding game is about to be play, now it's a foul? As it is, the refs have been calling a lot of disruptive, ticky-tack fouls on both teams in this series, and this heavyhanded action is a referee ego-trip run amuck. All the refs will accomplish here is to guarantee that Mark Cuban will be on their backs like a bad habit. Let the players play!

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