Thursday, May 25, 2006

Meet Gnorman the Gnome

Attached below is my bud, Gnorman the Gnome. He's totally cool, and loves to party. He also graciously offered to pose as I tested the various features of my digital camera. Thanks, Gnorm!

In the pictures below, we see Gnorman in black and white, and in a tone called sepia. The black and white feature will be handy for making some artsy looking pics. If any of you folks have pictures of your parents or grandparents from the 1940's, then most likely their photos look like the sepia tones. Knowing of this sepia feature is rather handy for something that I plan to do next year for a Shamrock story, which is a story of her grandparents that takes place in the 1940's. I plan to take sepia pictures and use them in a style I will call "art photos" so that the whole work will be in a sepia color like you are looking through some old family photo album. I hope this works as well as I hope it will work.

In the pics below, we see Gnorman in a style called "whiteboard" and "blackboard". In short, whiteboard makes light colored areas absolutely white, while the dark areas are make absolutely black, which makes for some very interesting visual effects that can be very artsy. You've seen some whiteboard pics here before in some of my mock-up ads for my website. This feature takes a little working with to pull off, but if you can capture the right pose, then it comes out very cool. Unfortunately, the pic of Gnorm was the best I could do. You can't even see his face! Sorry, dude! The blackboard is the opposite of the whiteboard (of course!) in that it makes the light colored areas absolutely dark and the dark areas absolutely white. This is harder to work with, and it's really difficult to get good pics with this. There must be some trick to this that I haven't figured out yet. I'll keep working on it.

Well, that's it for today, folks! I'll be posting more pics here as I figure out more of the features of my digital camera!

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