Monday, May 22, 2006

Oh, YEAH!!!!! Mavs beat Spurs!!!

In what was an awesomely fought series, the Dallas Mavericks finally prevailed and defeated the San Antonio Spurs 119-111 in this best of 7 series. Neither team was willing to give up; each team fought tooth and nail. However, it looked like the Spurs spent all their "mojo" getting the tie in the 4th quarter, because in overtime, they seemed to be out of gas. The Spurs had to come from WAY back to get the tie --about 20 points at one time, I think.

Now that the Mavs have won, I don't have to be mad about the officiating (especially in this game). ;-)

But an idea can be had about how the refs were doing: About halfway through the game, a graphic displayed that only one Spur had more than 2 fouls at that point, but there was about 4 (and maybe 5) Mavs that already had 4 fouls at that time. As it is, 3 of the Mavs fouled out by the end of the game, but fortunately, the Mavs didn't fold and held out to the end. I'm proud of these guys. I think they have overcome a very significant mental block in getting this series victory. Who knows how far this will carry them from here on?

Way to go, Mavs!!

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