Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wonder Woman pays a visit

Not wanting to be outdone by a gnome, Wonder Woman paid a visit so that she can be photographed in the various ways that the gnome was. Well, when an Amazon princess comes to your door demanding that you photograph her, who am I to tell her "no"? ;-)

Besides, she could hurt me if she wanted to!

In the photo above, Wonder Woman showed me the punch that she threw to take down one of the bad guys that she fought on the way to the photo shoot. She makes a marvelous pic, doesn't she?

In the pics above, the colors and the lighting add a nice, elegant touch. It convinces me all the more on how these colors will be handy for my 1940's story planned for next year.

The pics above makes for some interesting images. The whiteboard pic almost looks like it was done with a charcoal stick on white paper, while the blackboard looks like a photographic negative (I may try to do a "reverse image" on the Photoshop program just to see what it looks like). Like with the gnome, it took many tries to get these two decent pics. It was hard getting the details of her costume to stand out enough to be recognized for what they were supposed to be. Fortunately, the good princess patiently struck the poses through it all.

Well, that's it for this round of special effects pics. I thank the Amazon wonder for her time and patience. :-)

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