Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mavs' March to the NBA Finals continues tonight

The Spurs are done with; now comes the Phoenix Suns. During the series with the Spurs, I noticed a sort of anti-Mavs sentiment out there in my discussions with those outside of Texas. Actually, I don't think the negative feelings are so much against the Mavs as it is against Mark Cuban.

Heck, even I admit that Cuban is the biggest complainer in the NBA, but his complaints aren't entirely without merit. The League was giving way too many fouls in favor of the big name players like Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, or Kobe Bryant --so many that it was disrupting the game.

Fortunately, Cuban has the money to pay the fines he gets for complaining so publicly. The NBA can't ignore his complaints, though, so for the sake of the game the fines were worth it, because this year's playoffs have been the most exciting in years. And of course, I can say that the fines are worth it, because it isn't my money. ;-)

My prediction for this series: The Mavs in 6.

Now for something from a bud of mine that I'll call Joe, who sends me these kinds of e-mails whenever the local teams do something exciting --like beat the San Antonio Spurs in the playoffs. (incidentally, the last time I got this kind of e-mail from him was when the Texas Longhorns won the national championship earlier this year). Anyway, as you read the e-mail below and you're visualizing Joe doing these things that he describes, keep in mind that Joe ain't no tiny little Chinese gymnast --so for him to be doing all the things that he describes below paints interesting and entertaining images to visualize in your head. :-)



As usual I did my jumping about the room. I know that I jumped off of the top rail, swung off the chandelier and did a full layout Sukahara and and landed in a pike position. Then I jumped up and walked along the wall ala “Crouching Tiger” movie up the side of the wall, on the ceiling then dropped down Mission Impossible like and stopped just above the floor. Then realizing that I had no rope to suspend me, I crashed to the floor. But, no pain! Too excited. What a great game. I hope they get the championship this year.

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