Monday, May 22, 2006

Odds and Ends commentary 5-22-2006

Immigration yet again

In a discussion with others over the weekend, I finally agreed on something with a group of folks that are in favor of total amnesty for illegal immigrants (that is, legalizing them by a congressional act instead of letting them go through the regular citizenship process). They mentioned that those companies and other employers that hire illegal immigrants should be cracked down upon, because they are the reason that the illegals come here in the first place. I agreed, and I wondered aloud why that angle isn’t covered more in the news. After all, if these employers were more diligent about not hiring illegals, then it would be make it less worth their time and sacrifice for illegals to come here; and thus, we’d theoretically would have a drop-off in the number of illegals. There must be some political angle at play here, or there might be some politically correct reason why this isn’t covered more. I’ll be giving this angle more thought and see what I come up with.

First column topic for my website

I’ve decided on the topic for my first column of my website. I will be discussing the free press and why we need it now more than ever. I will also be discussing my views on the shortcomings of today’s media and why it’s important that they correct it. I will be posting drafts of that column here on the blog and on another website that I frequent so that it can be subjected to the views and criticisms of others. Sometimes these folks catch stuff that I will miss, so I view their input very highly. I eventually want to get to a pace that I do at least one column a month, but right now, I’ll settle for getting this first one up.

Edtoons lacking in this blog!

Yes, I’ve been lax in posting edtoons here. Basically, nothing in the news really has jumped out at me to make an edtoon over, but being in practice for making edtoons means working on something anyway just to stay in practice. My bad, folks. I’ll get back on it this week.

Also soon to come on my website…

I’ve made the decision that, after I publish my first Shamrock superhero story to my website, I am going to switch from color comics to black and white with shades of gray. I much prefer color comics, but seeing as how I’m the only one working on this right now, it is taking a lot longer for me to make them than I would like. I’d rather be posting stories up faster than be more concerned that they are in color. Maybe at some future time, I can have someone add the color, but for now, I’d rather work on establishing a regular pace that I can work on them and put them up. Right now, colorizing them takes too much time –especially since I’m also working on other things on top of that.

And in June, I plan to have my old computer upgraded so that I can get DSL at home so that I can add to my website on a regular basis. Once I’ve gotten the upgraded computer AND the DSL –watch out!

Coming this week on my blog

I will be posting more cool pics that I took over the weekend that demonstrate other abilities of my cool digital camera. I’ve used film cameras all this time for all these years, but now I am totally sold on digital cameras, and I probably won’t go back to them anytime real soon.

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