Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Warning signs

In the story below, keep in mind that the reference librarian in question is a Quaker!


And then there’s this story:


This was done by a British Literature professor!

It’s times like this that we see that even the normally tolerant, open-minded left wing can display such intolerant behavior.

The above examples (there are other examples, of course) are part of why I can’t fully align myself to the left –which does not at all mean that I’ve gone gung-ho for the right, either. I’ve learned some years ago to not align my views to only one side of the political spectrum. Each side has their good and their bad, and to be too focused on one side amounts to basically cutting off one side of your brain. Just like birds need two wings to fly, we need both halves of our brains to think and function properly.

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