Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mavs kick Spurs' butt

Mavericks 113 Spurs 91

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! Okay, normally I save the sports reporting for the "Weekend Wrap-ups", but the Mavs don't play again until Saturday, and I can't wait that long to talk about it here!

In Game 2 of this best of seven series, the Dallas Mavericks handed the San Antonio Spurs their butts on a platter. >:-)

That's how it shoulda been for Game 1! I knew Coach Johnson wouldn't let them lose Game 2.

The Mavs could have won Game 1, because they basically did in Game 2 what they did in Game 1 --with the exception that the Mavs didn't score points in Game 1 like they did in Game 2. This is why I feel confident that the Mavs will finally win against the Spurs this year.

Also, NBA Commissioner David Stern commented about this set-up in which the #1 team in a conference is playing the #2 team (in won-loss record) in a semi-final. This series should have been the conference final. Hey, it wasn't the Mavs' fault that the current set-up had them as the 4th seed! So heck yeah, this series should have been the conference final!

Both basketball and football can benefit from a different seeding system, for that matter. The recent Super Bowls have been Super boring. This goes along with my theory that both of these leagues should use some sort of bracket system like colleges use. In an upcoming blog, I shall construct some brackets based on the teams that were in the playoffs in both the NBA and NFL, and we'll see how those teams would have lined up in a bracket system like colleges use.

(What am I, ESPN over here or something?)

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